Whole Product / 完整产品

Whole Product: A product definition concept that emphasizes delivering all aspects of a product which are required for it to deliver its full value. This would include training materials, support systems, cables, how to recipes, additional hardware/software, standards and procedures, implementation, applications consulting – any constitutive elements necessary to assure the customer will have a successful experience and achieve at least minimum required value from the product.

完整产品:一种产品定义,强调产品的全方位价值应得到完全体现。具体包括培训材料、支持系统、电缆、其他软件/硬件、标准和程序、实施、 应用咨询等。完整产品的各要素由公司的合作者提供。这一术语通常应用于高科技产品的设计。


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