Waste / 损耗

Waste: Any activity that utilizes equipment, materials, parts, space, employee time, or other corporate resource beyond minimum amount required for value-added operations to ensure manufacturability. These activities could include waiting, accumulating semi-processed parts, reloading, passing materials from one hand to the other, and other nonproductive processes. The seven basic categories of waste that a business should strive to eliminate: overproduction, waiting for machines, transportation time, process time, excess inventory, excess motion, and defects.

损耗:超额使用设备、原料、零件、场地、用工时间或其它公司资源,增加成本,减少收益的行为。这些行为包括等待、增加半成品零件、重复装 运、原料传递和其它非生产流程。有7类基本损耗是公司应该尽量减少的:生产过剩、等待机器时间、运输时间、流程时间、过度存货、过度运转 和缺损。


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