Voice of the Customer (VOC) / 客户心声

Voice of the Customer (VOC): A process for eliciting needs from consumers that uses structured in-depth interviews to lead interviewees through a series of situations in which they have experienced and found solutions to the set of problems being investigated. Needs are obtained through indirect questioning by coming to understand how the consumers found ways to meet their needs, and, more important, why they chose the particular solutions they found. (See Chapter 11 of The PDMA ToolBook 1.)

客户心声(VOC):为了找出问题的解决方法,对消费者的一系列经验和环境进行深层次的系统采访,以提炼出客户需求的过程。通过间接调查 了解消费者如何满足自身需求以及他们选择解决方式的原因,进而最终确定消费者需求。(见PDMA工具书的第11章)


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