Stage-Gate Process / 阶段-关口流程

Stage-Gate Process: A widely employed product development process that divides the effort into distinct time-sequenced stages separated by management decision gates. Multifunctional teams must successfully complete a prescribed set of related cross-functional tasks in each stage prior to obtaining management approval to proceed to the next stage of product development. The framework of the Stage-Gate™ process includes work-flow and decision-flow paths and defines the supporting systems and practices necessary to ensure the process’s ongoing smooth operation.

阶段—关口流程:一种广泛使用的产品开发流程,依照管理决策关口划分不同阶段。在获得许可进入下一产品开发阶段之前,跨职能开发团队必须 成功完成当前阶段的相关任务。阶段关口流程的框架包括工作流程和决策流程途径,为确保流程顺利制定支撑体系并进行实践。


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