Quantitative Market Research / 定量市场调研

Quantitative Market Research: Consumer research, often surveys, conducted with a large enough sample of consumers to produce statistically reliable results that can be used to project outcomes to the general consumer population. Used to determine importance levels of different customer needs, performance ratings of and satisfaction with current products, probability of trial, repurchase rate, and product preferences. These techniques are used to reduce the uncertainty associated with many other aspects of product development. (See Chapter 18 of The PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition.)

定量市场调研:一种用户调研方法,最常使用的形式是问卷调查,通过对大量用户的调查得出可信数据结果,以分析项目对于用户的数量影响。定 量市场调研用来判定一些重要的水平等级,包括不同用户的需求、现有产品性能等级和满意程度、试验的可能性、二次购买率和对产品的喜好程度 等。这项技术可以减少产品开发流程中的诸多不确定因素。(参见PDMA手册第二版的第18章)


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