Quality Function Deployment (QFD) / 质量功能开发

Quality Function Deployment (QFD): A structured method employing matrix analysis for linking what the market requires to how it will be accomplished in the development effort. This method is most frequently used during the stage of development when a multifunctional team agrees on how customer needs relate to product specifications and the features that deliver those needs. By explicitly linking these aspects of product design, QFD minimizes the possibility of omitting important design characteristics or interactions across design characteristics. QFD is also an important mechanism in promoting multifunctional teamwork. Developed and introduced by Japanese auto manufacturers, QFD is widely used in the automotive industry.

质量功能开发(QFD):市场需要与开发工作相结合,运用矩阵分析论的结构化方法。当一个跨职能团队认同客户的需求与产品细节和特性紧密 联系时,这种方法便能得到应用。明确地将产品设计的各方面联系起来,避免其在特性设计过程中删除重要设计特性或者隔断特性间的联系,有利 于促进多方合作。由于日本汽车制造商的开发和引进,QFD在汽车制造业得到广泛应用。



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