Qualitative Marketing Research / 定性市场调研

Qualitative Marketing Research: Research conducted with a very small number of respondents, either in groups or individually, to gain an impression of their beliefs, motivations, perceptions and opinions. Frequently used to gather initial consumer needs and obtain initial reactions to ideas and concepts. Results are not representative of the market in general or projectable. Qualitative marketing research is used to show why people buy a particular product, whereas quantitative marketing research reveals how many people buy it. (See Chapters 14-16 of The PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition.)

定性市场调研:对于部分人群进行个体或集体调研,了解他们的想法、意向、动机和观点。收集用户的需求信息并获得其对于创意和概念的第一反 应。这些结果不代表市场整体现状。定性市场调研用来表明消费者购买产品的原因,而定量市场调研揭示购买产品的用户数量。(参见PDMA手册 的第11章)


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