Phase Review Process / 阶段审核流程

Phase Review Process: A staged product development process in which first one function completes a set of tasks, then passes the information they generated sequentially to another function which in turn completes the next set of tasks and then passes everything along to the next function. Multifunctional teamwork is largely absent in these types of product development processes, which may also be called baton-passing processes. Most firms have moved from these processes to Stage-Gate processes using multifunctional teams.

阶段审核流程:阶梯式的产品开发流程,在此过程中,一职能团队完成一组任务,所生成的信息传递给另一职能团队,然后此团队完成系列任务并 将信息传递给另外一组职能团队。此类型的产品开发流程并不适合跨职能团队合作,所以大多数公司正从此流程转向跨职能团队阶段–关口流程。


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