Performance metrics / 绩效指标

Performance metrics: a set of measurements to track product development and to allow an organization to measure the impact of process improvement over time. These measures generally vary by organization but may include measures characterizing both aspects of process, such as time to market and duration of particular process stages, as well as outcomes from product development such as the number of products commercialized per year and percentage sales due to new products.

绩效指标:用于跟踪产品开发的一组测量,并允许组织测量过程改进随时间的影响。 这些措施通常因组织而异,但可能包括表征过程的两个方面的措施,例如上市时间和特定过程阶段的持续时间,以及产品开发的结果,例如每年商业化的产品数量和新的产品。


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