Multifunctional Team / 跨职能团队

Multifunctional Team: A group of individuals brought together from the different functional areas of a business to work on a problem or process that requires the knowledge, training and capabilities across the areas to successfully complete the work. (See Chapters 9 and 10 in The PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition and Chapter 6 in The PDMA ToolBook 1.) (See also “Cross-Functional Team”.)

跨职能团队:来自不同业务职能领域的个体组成的共同致力于一个问题或者流程的团队。这类问题或者流程的顺利解决亟需成功地整合跨领域知识 、培训和能力。(参见PDMA手册(第2版)的第九、十章和PDMA工具书第一册的第六章)(参见“跨职能团队”)


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