Ethnography / 人种学

Ethnography: A descriptive, qualitative market research methodology for studying the customer in relation to his or her environment. Researchers spend time in the field observing customers and their environment to acquire a deep understanding of the lifestyles or cultures as a basis for better understanding their needs and problems. (See Customer Site Visits and Chapter 15 in The PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition.)

人种学:研究客户及其相关环境的描述性、定性市场调研方法。研究者在现场观察客户和环境以获得对他们的生活方式或文化环境的深刻理解,从 而更好理解他们的需求和问题。(参见客户现场访问,及PDMA新产品开发手册第二版第15章)


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