Customer Site Visits / 客户现场访问

Customer Site Visits: A qualitative market research technique for uncovering customer needs. The method involves going to a customer’s work site, watching as a person performs functions associated with the customer needs your firm wants to solve, and then debriefing that person about what they did, why they did those things, the problems encountered as they were trying to perform the function, and what worked well. (See Chapters 15 and 16 of The PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition.)

客户现场访问:一种揭示客户需求的变量市场调研方法。它要求到客户工作现场观察客户如何用产品解决问题以实现产品功能,他们要做什么,为 什么这么做,客户遇到的问题是如何解决的,如何做得更好。(参见PDMA新产品开发手册第二版第15,16章)


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