Criteria / 标准

Criteria: Statements of standards used by decision-makers at decision gates. The dimensions of performance necessary to achieve or surpass for product development projects to continue in development. In the aggregate, these criteria reflect a business unit’s new product strategy. (See Chapters 21 and 29 of The PDMA ToolBook 2nd Edition.)

标准: 在决策关口,决策者对标准做出的陈述,即以保证项目继续进行而必须达到或超过的绩效。总体来说,标准反映了一个业务单元的新产品战略。(参加《PDMA新产品开发手册》第2版第21章和第29章)

参考:《产品经理认证(NPDP)知识体系指南》 P70


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