Consumer Panels / 消费者样本

Consumer Panels: groups of consumers in specific sectors, recruited by research companies and agencies, who are used as respondents to answer specific research questions relating to product testing, taste testing, or other areas. Most often. they are a specialist panel who take part in numerous projects. Consumer panels are particularly useful for short, quick surveys, where the emphasis is on a sample of those with specialist knowledge rather than a representative sample of the general population

消费者样本:是由市场研究公司和机构招募的特别挑选出的消费者群体,他们需要回答诸如产品测试,口味测试或其他领域的具体研究问题。 通常他们是一个参与众多项目的专家小组。 消费者样本对于简短,快速的调查特别有用,其重点是具有专业知识的样本,而不是一般人群的代表样本。


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