Brainstorming / 头脑风暴法

Brainstorming: A group method of creative problem-solving frequently used in product concept generation. There are many modifications in format, each variation with its own name. The basis of all of these methods uses a group of people to creatively generate a list of ideas related to a particular topic. As many ideas as possible are listed before any critical evaluation is performed. (See Chapters 16 and 17 in The PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition.)

头脑风暴法:经常在新产品概念生成阶段应用的创造性解决问题的多种方法。方法形式各异,各有称谓。共同点是让人们在决定性评估前提出尽可 能多的创意。(参见PDMA指导手册第12和13章)


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