Best Practice Study / 最佳实践研究

Best Practice Study: A process of studying successful organizations and selecting the best of their actions or processes for emulation. In new product development it means finding the best process practices, adapting them and adopting them for internal use. (See Chapter 36 in the PDMA HandBook 2nd Edition, Chapter 33 in The PDMA HandBook, Griffin, “PDMA Research on New Product Development Practices: Updating Trends and Benchmarking Best Practices,” JPIM, 14:6, 429-458, November, 1997, and “Drivers of NPD Success: The 1997 PDMA Report,” PDMA, October, 1997)

最佳实践研究:对成功机构进行分析、效仿的最佳实践法。在新产品的开发中,这意味着寻找并调整最佳的过程实践法来加以利用。(参见PDMA 新产品开发手册第二版第三十六章,PDMA新产品开发手册第三十三章,Griffin, “基于新产品开发实践的新产品开发研究:日益更新的趋势和基准化分析最佳实践”“JPIM, 14:6,429—458,11月,1997,新产品开发成功的驱动者: 1997PDMA报告”PDMA,10月,1997)


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